Common Grounded…Gone-vio…de-Luminated…I’m sure I could go on :)

For anyone interested in the world of fundraising and the Salesforce platform last week was pretty interesting (or if you’ve just invested a stack of money in Common Ground or Luminate, pretty horrifying).

Blackbaud took the decision to ‘retire’ Common Ground in favour of Raiser’s Edge and eTapestry (a system they bought some time back and some would argue mothballed to stop it eating into the main business of Raiser’s Edge).

Was it a surprise? Possibly…some people thought Luminate would go first due to the smaller number of customers but maybe they were the biggest customers that they didn’t really want to upset. By doing this Blackbaud know that all of those Luminate customers will now make their own exit over time and find other solutions to work with – obviously Salesforce is not somewhere Blackbaud want to be. That’s probably more appealing than giving them all their marching orders as well.

Like the other companies that have built solutions on the Salesforce platform aimed at the not-for-profit sector we’re obviously here with open arms. From a supporter360 perspective the timing couldn’t be better as we’re just starting to make major inroads into some of the biggest not-for-profit names on the planet. Hopefully we can offer a good alternative home and one that is about to get a major facelift with a new managed package that’s been designed to specifically with the larger environments in mind.

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  1. Joseph Devine says:

    As you would expect everyone at the salesforce foundation is working to support the user base so they are aware of options they have to maintain the benefits provided by the salesforce platform. We are going to be offering a series of information:

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