How Assistance Dogs Australia use Leads to work with cold lists #Salesforce

ImageImageAssistance Dogs Australia (ADA) have been growing their donor-base at a rapid rate over the last couple of years. We’ve been lucky enough to work with them for the last year as they were one of the first supporter360 customers (thanks for the patience in the early days!).

One of the areas of the system they’ve been making good use of is Lead conversion. Leads let them upload lists of potential donors they can market to without mixing them in with their existing donors. When a Lead responds to an appeal or makes a donation ADA are able to convert that Lead into a Contact record where all their main donors and other supporters sit in quick time.

supporter360 has built on the standard Salesforce Lead-conversion process to do a lot more including:

  • No need to worry about a Company name
  • Auto-creation of Quick Opportunity to process donations with minimal clicks
  • If linked to a configured Campaign record, fund information is automatically pulled across
  • Enhanced de-dupe facility allows to pop up a list to of potential dupes to select from

If you have supporter360 and aren’t making use of Leads, here are some of the steps to get you started:

1) You can upload a simple spreadsheet of Leads into Salesforce & supporter360 in many ways – there’s even a specific Lead Import wizard you can get to by clicking on the Leads tab circled in the image belowImage

2) First click convert on the Lead to bring up the conversion window where you can set the various optionsImage3) In the event your Lead already exists as a Contact record, supporter360 gives you the option to review those potential dupes and open them up in a new browsers tab if you need to investigate further.

Image4) Once you’re happy you’ve got the right person or the Lead is indeed a new one, just click Convert and if there’s a donation to process and you ticked the ‘Quick Opportunity’ box you will get dropped into a fully-populated window ready to process your donation – all linked to the right Campaign source and fund.

ImageNote: If you’re using supporter360 and can’t see all of the above options in the Lead conversion process you need to make sure you are on version 1.594

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