Here’s why supporter360’s won every time it’s demo’d in 2013

In the last year supporter360 has come on leaps and bounds with our focus being on how organisations can get the maximum benefit from being on a powerful web-based platform, especially having bedded in all of the crucially important transaction processing facilities that was our early focus.

What’s there now is so good that over here in Australia we’ve not lost once this year where we’ve been able to demonstrate what supporter360 can do. Organisations like Lifeline, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Australian Paralympic Committee, Youthworks, Nelson Mandela Foundation (NY), Voiceless and more have selected supporter360 in favour of the other options on the market. All while we’ve keeping our focus more on product development than sales and marketing. In the UK our team has been busy rolling out supporter360 to a number of international NGOs including some of the best-known fundraising organisations on the planet.

Want to see why? Check out some demos we’ve pulled together for some of the areas of the system:

supporter360 Segment Builder

supporter360 Form Builder

supporter360 Contact Record

About appiBoss

Founder & CEO of appiChar Aus, founder & chairman of appiChar UK.
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