Drum roll time…3 years in the making – supporter360 is on the Salesforce AppExchange!

AppExchangeIt’s official – supporter360 is now 100% Salesforce certified, one of only 1,880 (and counting) apps on planet earth…and importantly the only one dedicated to fundraising and supporter management outside the US…and only a 2 or 3 over there.

The security review is an incredibly thorough process that looks at every aspect of the application, every single line of code for security and best practise. Anyone who asks again about the security of the cloud can rest assured, there really isn’t anything like it with any other technology platform. We started the process a full 9 months ago and it was a long time before that we started the planning.

On that note I just checked my email to see when we first decided to build a product on Salesforce – originally called donorForce, it was the 25th of May 2010. After being through a number of quite big sales processes going up against Raiser’s Edge and other older-style systems, it was clear we were miles ahead from a technology perspective with the Salesforce platform…but if you couldn’t see what regular giving looked like then there was only going to be one winner.

Fast-forward 3 years and we haven’t lost since 2012 in a head-to-head situation with any provider here in Aus. We’re rolling supporter360 out to some of the biggest NFPs on the planet including one 29-country rollout to one of the (if not the) most famous NFPs out there. And one totally focused on individual fundraising, something we’ve built supporter360 to handle effortlessly. And there are many others like the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Botanic Gardens, Lifeline, SightSavers International, SolarAid, Leukaemia Foundation, Assistance Dogs Australia, Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation to name-drop a few.

One really exciting – possibly the most exciting – element of the last few months has been that as supporter360 has become more visible within Salesforce more people have taken a look underneath at how we’ve pulled the product together…and really liked it. Not just great to use with exciting functionality, the structure and design of supporter360 is such that it will work for the smallest organisation right through to the biggest organisation with hundreds or thousands of users. It took us a while to really understand how to design things properly on the Salesforce platform and our first attempts broke a lot of the basic rules and best practises but through those early learnings we’ve been able to really get it right now.

So exciting times ahead we hope…a massive thanks to our first 35 or so customers who have had to endure some of our learnings in the early days. We hope passing this massive milestone will enable us to really build on what we have done so far and keep repaying some of that early faith.

About appiBoss

Founder & CEO of appiChar Aus, founder & chairman of appiChar UK.
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