Leukaemia Foundation: Fundraising + Service Delivery

It was a very exciting moment in the world of supporter360 last week.

At the Melbourne Salesforce 1 event, Leukaemia Foundation Australia were kind enough to demonstrate the fantastic work one of our team, Leon Flatters-Wright, has done over the last 2 years. Working closely with the LFA, he has overseen the building of a system capable of managing the highly complex and mission-critical services they deliver across Australia. You can see some screenshots here along with the Salesforce presentation. The system is now in use by 150 people all across Australia on a range of devices, in the office and out on the road making full use of all of the power of the Salesforce platform.

Without diving too far into the history, it seems like a miracle to have turned the LFA project into the success it now is and Leon deserves huge amounts of credit – as do LFA for their patience, allowing us the chance to turn things around from a far from ideal beginning…as some of you may know, our journey on Salesforce has been a turbulent one at times and in our early days in Australia we sometimes got it completely wrong. Salesforce is an incredibly powerful toolset that can revolutionise an organisation – in the right hands. It’s fair to say the opposite can be true as well.

The good news – having survived those early days – is that as an organisation we know better than anyone how not to do Salesforce (or any complex technology). The pains helped shape and clarify the decision that a product (supporter360) on Salesforce is the only way to tackle fundraising (and service delivery for that matter) without unnecessary risk. These are massively complex areas of an organisation that require great intellects + lashings of logical thinking to design properly – attributes that aren’t always to hand when you need them…as with any custom build of anything, you only get to really find out if you were lucky when you’re already massively committed.

So four years or so years since we started our journey on Salesforce, the lessons are banked and we’re very fortunate to have implemented supporter360 for some of the most important not-for-profit organisations on the planet. We now have amazing teams in Sydney & London doing fantastic work all over the world, all of us knowing that supporter360 is very much at the start of its 5, 10, 15 or 20 year journey – hope to see you along the way!

About appiBoss

Founder & CEO of appiChar Aus, founder & chairman of appiChar UK.
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